Welcome to my own little corner on the internet.

This site is loaded with Paint Shop Pro tutorials, Incredimail Stationary, Signature Tags and more...

Due to health issues I haven't been able, for more then a year, to spend any time creating new tutorials
or translate any new ones of the great tutorial writers I got permission from.
But I'm back now and used my last months of recovery to create a whole new design
plus I decided to merge my tutorials and Incredimail sites into one.

Just keep in mind that this new design is still a work in progress,
so sometimes you could get an error or even a blank page
This means I'm changing something smilie
Just hit CRTL+F5 and you should be fine

Can't promise that I'll release new tutorials fast, but will try...

Hope you'll like the new design cat44


Update 28-052016: I'm gonna change all tutorial/translation links to a more compact url,
it's possible you can get a 404 page or even a blank one. Just press CTRL+F5 on the page you where before


For those of you that are regular visitors, some things have change a bit.

You can still sign up for my newsletter if you want to know whenever there's a new tutorial etc released.
You can do this by filling in the form on the right side of your screen or just register and check Newsletter

You need to register as a member, so you can leave a comment at some parts of the site
As a member you are also able to download all needed plugins used in the tutorials
and upload any creation you have made from one of the tutorials on this site.
Just sign in and go to the Showoff page...


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